Want To Create A Butterfly Garden? Here Are 3 Pro Landscaping Tips To Help You Get It

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Want To Create A Butterfly Garden? Here Are 3 Pro Landscaping Tips To Help You Get It

3 February 2021
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Butterflies are the most beautiful creatures that you can have flying around your yard. Besides their beauty, butterflies are excellent pollinators and will naturally propagate the plant species in your landscape. They are also a fundamental part of the ecosystem. Fortunately, getting the butterflies to be part of your landscape is as simple as creating a perfect butterfly garden and waiting for them to show up. But since you may sometimes not know how to go about the garden, it's advisable to seek help from professionals in landscape services.

Here are three ways to create a butterfly garden that will help attract beautiful insects to your landscape.

Choose the Right Location

Location is everything when it comes to setting up a butterfly garden. It is crucial to remember that insects like butterflies love sunshine. Aim for the part of your garden, which gets at least six hours of sunlight every day, especially during the hot season. Butterflies do not thrive in windy places. Therefore, avoid setting up or installing the garden where there are extreme winds. 

Also, remember that you are installing a garden that you can eventually enjoy with your family. Where possible, choose an area you can easily see through the window when you are in the bedroom, balcony, or patio. Compare a few areas or spaces and choose the one that offers the best of these qualities.

Select the Right Vegetation

Picking the right spot in the garden is just the first step when creating a butterfly garden. Consider the type of plants that you will plant if you want to bring the butterflies inside your garden. Remember that caterpillars are pickier than adult butterflies when it comes to feeding. Therefore, choose the plant species whose leaves are juicy and popular with the worms.

Also, remember that butterflies love feeding on nectar. The adults are not very picky about the kind of nectar that they get, and that's why you can have different vegetation species in your garden. You can consult a landscaping professional to help you get plant species that will perfectly attract the butterflies.

Create Hibernation Sites

Hibernation is a crucial part of the butterfly's life cycle. When the winter comes and it gets chilly, butterflies hunker down as caterpillars and hide under the leaves. They also form cocoons that protect them from the harsh weather. Unfortunately, many people clear out these hiding places when clearing their gardens after the winter. However, it's advisable to create hibernation spaces and resist the urge to clear out until the butterflies have come out of their cocoons.

Remember to stay pesticide-free if you want the butterflies to stay longer in your garden. With these simple tips, it will be easy to create a butterfly garden that will attract all kinds of beautiful butterflies into your garden. Contact a local landscaping service to learn more.