The Insulation Improvements That Will Help Reduce Heat Loss and Winter Energy Costs

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The Insulation Improvements That Will Help Reduce Heat Loss and Winter Energy Costs

3 December 2020
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Your home exterior thermal transfer can cause serious problems with energy loss that cause your heating costs to go up every year. Therefore, you want to find simple investments that can help keep the heat in your home. There are many areas where updating the insulation can help solve these problems. The following insulation improvements can help reduce winter heating costs:

1. Insulation in the Attic for Your Roof

The attic is one of the areas where you will want to begin with improvements. The insulation in the attic helps reduce heat loss, as well as protects the shingles from problems during the winter months. There are several options for improving the insulation in an attic. For a DIY project, you can add a layer of batten insulation. You can also have spray-in insulation added to the attic of your home.

2. Exterior Walls In Unfinished Spaces

The exterior walls are another area where you may want to make improvements. They can often be in areas of your home that are unfinished. These areas include garages, unfinished basements, bonus rooms, and utility areas. You will want to add insulation to these areas to stop the heat loss. In addition, you may want to consider installing drywall or some type of wall finish.

3. Crawl Spaces and Basement Foundations

The crawl space of your home is another area where you will want to consider insulation improvements. Crawl spaces can also benefit from encapsulation, which will protect against energy loss and moisture problems. In addition, there are also homes with basement foundations that could use insulation improvements. You will want to insulate exterior walls, ceilings, and any area that connects to the main living space.

4. Other Areas Where Insulation Can Reduce Energy Loss

There are other areas where you may want to invest in insulation. These areas can be improved with insulation in ceilings or walls. Some of these areas to consider insulating include interior living spaces. These can be spaces that are open and cause energy loss through other areas of your home. An example would be an open living space where a kitchen, living room, and dining room are located.

The right insulation improvements for your home can help reduce energy loss and save you from high winter heating costs. If you're ready to begin, contact a wall insulation service to learn more about making improvements for your home.