Keys To Working With Home Inspection Service Pros

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Keys To Working With Home Inspection Service Pros

2 July 2020
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Throughout the course of a recent single year, more than 5 million house sale transactions occurred in the United States. Whenever a house sale takes place, it behooves you to get a house inspection to add security and transparency to the transaction. There are several other conditions in which a house inspection might take place as well. Read below so that you can learn more about house inspections, why they take place, and what you can expect from them. 

Wrap your mind around why you need a home inspection and what you hope to accomplish

Before hiring a home inspection service, you should learn the process and map out what you're hoping to get from the inspection. Getting a house inspection legitimizes the sale, and can also provide you an out clause if something is wrong with the property. It empowers property owners to find out problems with the house and make changes accordingly. It also protects the buyer, because they can find little details that can wreck a sale, such as illegal additions that were made to the property. What's more, getting an inspection provides negotiation power for everyone involved. 

Real estate studies show that getting a simple home inspection saves each prospective buyer as much as $14,000 per transaction in the long-run. 

Ask for a complete walkthrough of what will happen during the inspection

When consulting with home inspectors, have them clue you in on every step of the inspection process. Some core parts of every home inspection include analyzing how your electrical utilities and wiring are holding up, searching for mold and water damage, looking for pests, inspecting the roof and foundation, and testing the structure itself. Each part of the inspection is important because these are all common, yet potentially problematic issues. For example, about a quarter of all homes will experience some form of structural damage. Ask your inspector what work they'll do so you know the home is thoroughly checked out. 

Choose the right inspector and keep documentation of the appointment for your records

Finally, vet each home inspection company that you're considering to make sure they're qualified. Go with a contractor that is licensed and recognized by the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). Have them quote you a price for your home inspection before green lighting the work. It'll usually cost you about $500 to get a good and thorough inspection. 

Consider these points when you need a home inspection. 

For more information and tips, reach out to a local home inspection service.