Are You Adding An Outdoor Patio To Your House?

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Are You Adding An Outdoor Patio To Your House?

5 November 2019
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Do you enjoy entertaining friends and family members outdoors? If so, maybe you have been having them over for meals you cook on the grill. Do you feel somewhat limited because you don't have a nice outdoor patio in which to entertain? Perhaps you have been giving a lot of thought to adding a large outdoor patio to your house.

Has the time finally arrived for you to add the outdoor patio? If that's the case, you are probably excited about that. Maybe you are using the cooler months ahead to create the patio. That would mean that your new patio will be ready for entertaining in the warmer spring and summer months. From choosing decorative concrete to choosing patio decor, here are some ideas that might help you. 

Start With Decorative Concrete - Will you be doing the work on building the new patio yourself? If that's the case, you must feel very comfortable with doing big projects. Consider doing decorative concrete yourself by faux painting your concrete foundation. If you don't know how to do faux painting, your local library or a paint store might offer classes in concrete faux painting. 

if you're doing the work yourself, go with something relatively simple. For example, giving the concrete the look of a watercolor scene might be an excellent choice. You'll basically get to meld colors together in an artistic way. And, presto! You end up with a look of impressionistic art.

Maybe you want something more complicated and you're not comfortable doing that yourself. First of all, consider buying decorative concrete that is ready to be placed as your patio foundation. It is probably more affordable than you thought it would be, and there are so many styles that your biggest challenge might be in selecting the one you want.

If you're focused on faux painting for your concrete, find out if the paint store has an artist that will faux paint anything from the look of a seasoned pebble road to the look of elegant marble. 

Additional Decor Choices - While the foundation of your new patio might be the focal point, of course, you'll need to select things that will make the patio usable. 

Start by buying outdoor patio furniture. For example, if you want a bit of a Mexican look in your patio, choose wrought iron furniture. For a rustic look, go with wooden furniture. Choose things like pots and planters that will provide color when spring and summer come. An outdoor fountain or a birdbath might be fun additions, too.