Benefits Of Installing A Submersible Well Pump

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Benefits Of Installing A Submersible Well Pump

27 February 2019
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Well water is wonderful to have on your property. The water is clean and often tastes good because it is not full of chemicals to clean it. Getting the water to the surface after drilling the well will require a pump, and while there are several kinds of pumps available, there are some benefits to using a submersible well pump in your well. 

Self Priming 

One of the most basic benefits of using a submersible pump in your drilled well is that it never needs you to prime it. The pump is sitting in the water, so it does not require priming at all. Even if the well runs low on water, once the level is over the intake screen on the pump again, the pump will pick up water and work properly. The older style pumps would not work that way, and even new pumps located above the water line need re-priming if the water level drops below the pickup. 

Easier Water Retrieval

One of the most significant problems with surface pumps is that they use suction to pull the water up from the well. If the well is exceptionally shallow, they are fine, but most surface pumps can only work effectively to about 25 feet. The submersible pump does not use suction. Instead, it pushes the water up from the well to the holding tank, and most submersible pumps will operate smoothly down to about four hundred feet. And there are heavy duty units that can operate below that depth for extremely deep wells. 

Durability and Longevity

Submersible pumps are incredibly durable, and because they are in the well, there is very little that can damage them. They are shielded from the weather and the elements, and most submersible pumps will run for twenty years without any additional service requirements. The pump should be inspected every couple years to ensure that it is working correctly, but a service professional can tell what is happening with the pump through a series of tests, and the pump does not need removing from the well to do that. 

Noise and Efficiency

While the well pump does make noise when it comes on, a submersible pump is in the well and isolated from your home. You will never hear the pump running, even if you are standing next to the well in the yard. They are quiet and efficient, and because they are underground, you will almost forget the pump is there as long as it is working correctly. Talk to a well pump company like Modern Pump & Equipment to learn more.