Did Your House Get Hit by the Big Storm?

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Did Your House Get Hit by the Big Storm?

3 December 2018
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As others were watching their television sets and feeling sorry for those whose lives were severely impacted by recent storms, you might have been living the experience instead of just watching it on the news. While house damage is obviously very serious, hopefully none of your family members, friends, or even beloved pets were hurt. Now that the storm is a thing of the past, you are probably making an assessment of what needs to be done to get your house back in order. From arranging for storm damage roof repair to removing damaged trees from your property, here are some ideas that might help you.

Storm Damage Roof Repair

The fact that a tree fell on your roof would be a sure sign that you have roof damage, right? However, there are other ways you can tell if the roof has been affected adversely by the big storm. Check the attic. Are there visible leaks? Another way to tell if you have roof damage is to look for spots on the ceiling or walls of your house. Is your roof constructed of shingles? If so, there might be evidence of roof damage when you find actual shingles on your property, maybe even in your neighbor's yard. Are there metal pieces that you can tell are from around the chimney area?

The key word is safety. Unless you are experienced at climbing onto houses yourself, consider having professionals check for damage. Besides the items that have already been listed, professionals will check exhaust pipes and other edges where the walls of your house meet the roof. The roofers will have the right equipment and the training to do the job safely and efficiently.

Additional Damage

If you have assessed that the inside of your house is intact, you are probably counting that as a tremendous blessing. That also means that you can concentrate on the outside of the house. Do dead branches or even entire trees need to be removed? What about things that might be overlooked? For instance, check your glass-top patio table. If it is broken, look for pieces of it that could be dangerous. Dispose of them in a safe manner. What about outside lighting? Again, consider having professionals conduct an assessment and complete the repairs needed to make the lighting work again. Consider meeting with other people who live close to your house. This might be the perfect time for you to work together to get all of your properties in order again.