Having A Water Well Drilled On Your Property

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Having A Water Well Drilled On Your Property

9 September 2018
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Having a well drilled to serve as a source of water is a common upgrade that residential properties in rural areas will need to undergo. Whenever you are considering your options for having this work done, you will need to be somewhat aware of the basics of drilling a water well.

How Will The Contractors Determine Where They Should Start Drilling?

Well drilling contractors will go to great lengths to identify the best spot for drilling a well. This may include examining the location of neighboring wells through review of drilling permits as well as using sonar and other devices to attempt to locate buried water sources. Despite these steps, there is still a chance that the contractor may be unable to successfully locate the water source the first time that they drill. For this reason, you may want to plan on it take multiple drilling attempts to find a suitable source of water.

How Long Will It Take For The Well To Be Successfully Drilled?

The amount of time that is needed to drill the well will largely depend on the composition of the soil as well as the depth of the water source. For most homes, the entire drilling process should only take a few hours to complete. However, this can be extended if it takes multiple attempts to locate the water source or if the water source is at an unusually deep depth.

Will It Be Safe To Have A Well On Your Property?

In the past, wells were considered extremely dangerous as it was common for them to have openings that were wide enough for someone to fall down. However, modern wells are designed to be far safer. One of the ways that this is achieved is through a specially designed cap that is fitted over the well. This will still allow the pump to access the water, but ti will prevent individuals from being able to inadvertently fall down the well.

Will Your Well Be At Risk Of Freezing?

The underground water source will not be susceptible to freezing. However, the water that is in the piping or the mechanical parts of the pump can be at risk of freezing if the temperature gets low enough. Insulating the components of the well pump will help to prevent freezing from occurring. In the event that your well does freeze, you should have it inspected once the ice melts so that any leaks that may have developed can be identified and patched.

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