Cleaning And Pest Control Methods For Your Automatic Gate

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Cleaning And Pest Control Methods For Your Automatic Gate

6 July 2017
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Your automatic security gate needs to be maintained just like everything else on your property in order to ensure that it remains operational. Otherwise, more expensive repairs or even the replacement of your security gate will be necessary. You will need to perform regular cleanings and pest control in order to protect the gate.

Cleaning The Gate

The security gate should be cleaned regularly. Otherwise, the finish will flake off and rust. If this happens, the gate will need to be removed, sandblasted, powder coated, and reattached in order to restore it, which is much more expensive. The automatic security gates are best cleaned using a soft cloth and silicone spray. The remote control needs to be blown out periodically using compressed air. The cleaning methods of the remote control are similar to cleaning a computer in that you don't want to use moisture, which would cause corrosion. 

Cleaning The Solar Panels

Some automatic security gates are powered by solar panels. If you choose to clean them, do not use abrasive chemicals or an abrasive brush, since these can damage the panels. Instead, use a soft brush and clean water to remove grime.

Stopping Slugs And Other Pests

Snails and slugs can surprisingly cause a lot of damage to your automatic security gate. The slime trails can destroy the circuit boards. One of the most effective ways to keep pests out of your automatic gate is to use mothballs. To kill slugs specifically, you can bury a cup in the soil near the gate and fill it with a mixture of yeast, honey, and some water. Boil it until it has a glue-like composition. Place it in the cup. The slugs will climb in, but won't be able to climb back out.

Banishing Spiders

Spiders can also be damaging to automatic security gates. They will create spider webs that can gather moisture that can be corrosive to the internal components of the security gate. Spider webs should be cleared when found. Spiders are most often a problem near gates that are not used frequently. If spiders are still a major problem, it may make sense to purchase spider repellent to apply near the automatic gate.

Protecting The Actuator

If your automatic gate is located in a place that has inclement weather conditions, you will need to spray the actuator with silicon spray. This ensures that the actuator does not become frozen during the winter. 

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